The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

I don’t know where to begin… At first I watched the trailer and it didn’t quite catch my attention. A few days went by and I found myself not having anything to watch so I thought… Let’s give it a try.

Let me tell you one thing, I was instantly glued to the screen from start to finish. I just couldn’t stop watching it. It just comes to show, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And in this case, don’t judge a show by it’s trailer. I finished the show in 3 days. Rushing home after work everyday just to see what happens next.

For me this show was absolutely brilliant, a 10/10 for visuals and writing. The way they show and explain the game made me want to dive into the world of chess. The show played of in the 1950’s throughout the 1960’s era. And let’s not even start with the design and construction of the shows fashion… It was everything.

The show stars actress Anya Taylor-Joy who plays the lead role as orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon, who lost her mother at a very young age and she never knew her father. She was sent to an all girls orphanage when she was only nine years old. She started to develop an addiction to the harsh tranquilizer pills that the girls where given at the orphanage. Beth was taught chess by the orphanage janitor, Mr Shaibel. Each day she will go and play chess with him because of her fascination towards his playing style. She quickly developed an addiction towards becoming the best and ”youngest” chess player in the world.

After a few years and mastering the art, Beth got adopted by Alma Wheatley and her husband. When she was settled into her new home, she started to enroll herself in chess tournaments. She started to win game after game and the urge to keep on winning became stronger.

As Beth got older and receiving many financial gain in her winnings, she became more an more successful. She started to get an addicting urge towards alcohol and drugs. Her life got out of control for a moment. But she snapped out of it as soon as she realised it’s starting to go south. I can’t tell you much more without giving too much away.(Even though I want to keep on going).

The ending was just brilliant, I don’t want to give any spoilers. You will just have to watch the show for yourself. If you love chess then this show is definitely for you but I will recommend everyone to watch it. This show is a mind game that will pull you in like never before and you will get hooked, believe me.

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